The Real Property Law Attorney/CPA/CFP® Advantage

“The lawyer is one of the critical elements in any business. He is a full-fledged team member, and many times he captains the team. Hence, he must be well qualified….One good lawyer is worth a dozen bad ones; a good lawyer is one of the most important and critical players on your … team…”
Mancuso’s Small Business Basics by Joseph R. Mancuso, a publication of Small Business Sourcebooks

“There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’  real estate transaction. Each situation is different. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that online legal services and generalist or mill attorneys,  are for the most part, one size fits all, or worse, ignorant of the nuances and subtleties of real property planning and transactions. They are often not aware of and are not sophisticated enough to design a transaction that not only covers all the legal issues, and considers the financial, business and accounting aspects, but the need for specifically designed provision of services to save taxes or protect the owner. Only an experienced real estate attorney knows the difference and how to design, prepare, implement and operate an effective, comprehensive real estate transaction or provide real estate law  representation  appropriate for a given client.STEVE YAHNIAN, Attorney/CPA, Yahnian Law Corporation

Real estate attorneys help their clients understand contracts and other legal documents. They also prepare documents such as sale, lease and other agreements. They deal with zoning issues and mortgages, negotiate on behalf of the parties they represent, oversee the transfer of deeds and titles and verify whether a commercial or residential property has a lien, a restrictive covenant or another legal issue. YAHNIAN LAW CORPORATION does all of that and more. We also review, analyze, plan for and apply tax law as it applies to real estate transactions. We work with realtors, title companies, and our clients’ CPAs and other tax advisors with the goal of maximizing favorable results for our clients.

YAHNIAN LAW CORPORATION has represented a substantial number of persons and entities in the sale and purchase of real property, leases, and other real property matters, including commercial buildings, residential, and vacant land acquired by developers. This includes Sellers and Buyers and Landlords and Tenants.

As an Attorney and a CPA, with a CFP®, an LLM in Taxation (NYU), MS in Taxation* (UCLA) and a Certificate in Taxation (UCLA), and further, as a California State Bar Certified Specialist in Taxation, Steve Yahnian is particularly suited for and experienced in the taxation aspects of  real property transactions.   In particular, Mr. Yahnian specializes in IRC 1031 tax free exchanges of real property.

*Equivalent (UCLA extension program)