NOTE: Other Business, Real Estate, Estates, and Tax Advisors, CPAs and Attorneys often refer their clients or client situations to STEVE YAHNIAN when the issues or problems are beyond their experience, time constraints, workload or skills. At their request, we either take over the matter completely or alternative, remain in the background reviewing their work, the situation or circumstances, as they develop, thus enabling the professional who engages us to assist them, more effectively address the issues, or represent their clients and reach a successful resolution or result.

The Business, Corporate, Real Estate and Tax Planning Advantages and Benefits we offer to our Clients

  • Certified Tax Law Specialist. Mr. Yahnian is a California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization Certified Taxation Specialist. This means that he is recognized by his peers as having a high level of experience and expertise in Tax matters.
  • Certification’s Benefit to our Clients. As a California State Bar Certified Tax Specialist that also means that, in this day and age of complex tax laws impacting just about any transaction, including planning and defense against the taxing authorities, he is uniquely positioned to advise you upon and prepare plans or defend you.
  • Experience. He has been in practice since 1980
  • Related and complimentary Legal Practice Areas. He is also a Business, Corporate Estates and Tax lawyer. Real Property law is not practiced in a vacuum, and those areas of law also very often come into play in real property planning and transactions.
  • Expertise. He has prepared numerous business, real estate plans and opinions over the years and successfully handled numerous matters.  As a result, he has saved his clients significant and substantial sums.
  • Success. Mr. Yahnian has a track record of extraordinary success in handling business, corporate, estates, real estate and tax matters.
  • CPA/CFP. He is also a CPA and a CFP which means he has significant familiarity with tax, accounting, business,  plan matters, from a real estate perspective both from a legal and non legal standpoint and from the micro to the macro.
  • Cross Professional Expertise, Knowledge and Communication Skills. And, also as a CPA/CFP, he can converse knowledgeably and effectively with your accountant and your realtor,  financial planner, insurance advisor and stock broker as they combine to help in your real estate matter.
  • Business Real Estate and Tax Attorney/CPA/CFP is often the best Choice for Business, Real Estate, and Tax Planning. There are very few Attorney/CPAs around. There are even fewer Tax Attorney/CPAs. Steve Yahnian is one of the few. Why is a Tax Attorney/CPA your best choice for Business, Real Estate and Tax Planning? The main reason is the fact that each of those areas of law comes into play in nearly very business and real estate matter and transaction. Cross experience and practice in all of those areas has been shown to increase the effectiveness of legal representation.